Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Dear 7th graders Labschool Cibubur,
Now that we 're going to have final test on December 12th-16th 2011, these are the materials you need to review.

1. Heads Up (Students & Workbook) Chapter1-8
    Plural Nouns
    Object Pronouns
    Countable and Uncountable nouns some/any
    Is there any...?Are there any .....?
    How much ........ is there?
    How many ........ are there?
    Simple Present
2. Mandiri Chapter 1, 2,3, and 8
    Shopping Lists and Food Labels
    Announcements and Advertisements

    Good luck on your test ..................


Rabu, 16 November 2011

Dear 7th graders of  Labschool Cibubur,

Remember that We have reached unit 8. We're going to do 10'-15' presentation about your favorite band or singer. I have divided you to a group of four. These are the things you need to do with your group.
1. Choose a group band or singer
2. Find out about their profile in detail.e g. history, personnel, achievement, songs, etc.

3. create power point slides
4. You're ready with your presentation

During presentation;
1. Opening
    Good morning, Ms, and all my friends..
    Our group will tell about our favorite band
2. ask and answer session
    We have told a bit about the band. now we open ask and answer session. If you have any questions,        please ask.
3. Closing
    That's the end of our presentation, Thank you for your attention.

                                                                                                                   Yours truly,

                                                                                                                    Ms Reni

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